Static Maps API

The Static Maps API is the simplest way to embed a map image onto any website. A map image is returned as a response to a simple URL request, with various URL parameters that define the map you require.

To prevent abuse, there is a usage limit of 2000 unique image requests per viewer per day. Most developers need not worry about exceeding their quota as it is a per viewer limit. If you require higher usage limits, please contact us. By using the Static Maps API, you agree to the following terms of service.

An Example

Here's an example of a static map image.

<img src=
  " road%22&zoom=15&size=400x300
  &markers=%22wisma atria%22,greena%7C1.30166,103.836,midpinkb%7C%22heeren%22,smallred

URL Parameters

The following URL parameters are supported in the Static Maps API.


This parameter sets the center of the map. It is required if the markers and path parameters are not provided. The value provided can be either a pair of comma separated latitude, longitude coordinates, or an address surrounded by double quotation marks. If an address is provided, the address will be automatically geocoded and the map will be centered at that location. Here are some examples.

center="orchard road"

This optional parameter sets the zoom level of the map. We support any zoom level from 8 to 18. The zoom level can also be automatically determined by the markers, path, or span parameters if this parameter is not present. The default value for this parameter is 16.


This parameter sets the size of the map. The largest size allowed is 640x640. This parameter is required in all requests.


This optional parameter determines the viewport to display around a center point. The viewport is expressed as degrees in latitude and longitude values.


This optional parameter lets you define a set of markers to be included in the map. This parameter takes up to a series of 50 markers, separated by the pipe character (|).

Each marker description must include either a pair of comma separated latitude and longitude values (1.37475,103.753), or an address string surrounded by double quotation marks ("orchard road").

The description can also include an optional string that determines the type of marker to be used. The string is defined as {marker size}{marker color}{marker character}.

marker size: "mid", "small" or ""
This value is optional. If left empty, a large marker size is used.
marker color: "black", "blue", "green", "grey", "orange", "pink", "purple", "red", "yellow", or ""
This value is optional. If left empty, a default marker color is used.
marker character: {a-z, 0-9}, or ""
This value is optional. If left empty, no character will appear inside the marker. This value should not be set if the marker size is set to tiny. Tiny markers do not have characters in them.
markers="orchard road",blueo|"somerset mrt",midgreens
markers=1.37486,103.84753,smallpink|"238877",blackw|"68 orchard road",midpurplep

This optional parameter defines a series of points that will be drawn as a line on the map. The path description is defined as {path attributes}{path points}.

The optional path attributes value consists of a color in hexadecimal (or color and opacity in hexadecimal) definition and a weight definition. If this value is not provided, the default path attributes string is rgba:0x0000ff80,weight:4.

path=rgb:0xff0000,weight:10| ...
path=rgba:0xff000000,weight:8| ...
path=weight:5| ...

The required path points can be defined as pairs of comma separated latitude and longitude values, or address strings, delimited by the pipe character (|). Latitude and longitude values can be intermixed with address strings in the series of points.

path="orchard mrt"|"somerset mrt"|1.37975,103.49372
path=rgb:0xff0000,weight:10|"orchard mrt"|1.37975,103.49372|"plaza sing"
path=rgba:0xff0000cc,weight:8|"437 Orchard Road"|1.37975,103.49372|"238839"

This required parameter determines if the map image is being used together with a sensor capable of determining the user's location. The valid values are true or false.


Basic Map Examples

A 400x300 map centered at Sim Lim Square at zoom level 18.

A 256x256 map centered at Raffles Hotel with a span of 0.001x0.001.

A 512x512 map centered at Raffles Hotel with a span of 0.001x0.001.

Marker Examples

A map centered at Sim Lim Square, at zoom level 15, with markers on Bugis Junction and Sim Lim Tower.

A map with different type of markers on Bugis Junction and Sim Lim Tower, with the map center and zoom automatically set.

Path Examples

A map with a path between Raffles Hotel and Suntec City, drawn in the default style.

A map with a path between Lucky Plaza and Wisma Atria, drawn with an alpha color of 0xff000033 and a weight of 10.