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About us

Hey there, we're Gothere. We devote our time to making things easy for everyone in Singapore.

Want to go somewhere? Just tell us where and we'll tell you how. Looking for a place? Just tell us what and we'll tell you where. It's as simple as that. In the meantime, we're living out our dreams of starting an independent company that's devoted to nothing but making things easier for everyone. Follow our progress over at our blog.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, drop us an email at

Contact us at for press enquires, or at for partnership opportunities. Our office is at 7 Prince George's Park, Singapore 118406.


Bringing innovative ideas into the market

"When three young entrepreneurs founded web portal last year, they just wanted to make it easier to get from one place to another in Singapore. The Government wants to see more unique, innovative products created locally, but Mr Tharman said yesterday that Singapore still has 'a lot of catching up to do'. 'We see it growing. There are more start-ups and smaller players who are making their mark,' he added."

“ 财政部长尚达曼在昨天公布财政预算案时提到gothere.sg的故事。他指出,我国虽然在知识产权和资讯通信科技的法律和管制结构方面表现优越,但在其他方面还须迎头赶上,尤其是企业推出独特和创新产品的能力。不过,这方面也开始有起色,而gothere.sg网站便是一个把新点子带进市场的起步公司例子。”

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam (联合早报) rocks

“And I don’t mean conceptually - it rocks right now. You can change your destination by dragging markers on the map, and the bus route is changed dynamically. How cool is that!”

Lucian Teo

Going from here to there… now much easier

“I don’t know how they built this, but is awesome. Wonderful idea and implementation; I’m sure it will get even better. It’s one of those apps you never think about, but when they do pop up they help make life better and you wonder why it took so long, how you possibly did without — always the hallmark of a great app in the making.”

Popagandhi simply rocks!

“I’ve been using it for a few days to plan my (driving) routes, and the bus and train information it comes up with in a jiffy makes me want to take buses and trains for when I don’t really need to use the car.”

Mr Miyagi


"Plan your commute using This local website is a boon, whether you drive or take public transport."


Definitely useful

“Definitely helps people find their way around in an easy to understand way. clean and light design greets you the moment you hit the website. Type in a starting point together with a destination, and in moments, shows you how to get there by public transportation or car.”

– HardwareMAG (HWM)

Top 50 websites

"What makes Gothere different is the fact that it was created by Singaporeans for Singaporeans. You can use the service to find out how to get to, say, Tuas Avenue 1 by car, bus or the MRT. takes into account all factors that make transportation unique in Singapore such as fluctuating Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges and taxi surcharges."

Digital Life

Doesn’t the interface feel finger lickin’ good?

“Most Singaporeans know about, but if you’re not a local, go see.”

Kevin Lim

Spot on!

“Just enter a name, part of a name, postal code, or just a local name, and it'll calculate the distance for all 3 modes of travel - driving, bus only, or bus+MRT. In fact it's so spot on, that the colleagues I have introduced this website to, have bookmarked it.”


Great product

“This has to be the most important for me and people who do not own a car. Choose where you are going from and where you are off to and will tell you how to drive there or how to travel to the destination via public transport with two options, ‘Bus only’ OR ‘Bus and Train’. plans your route with train and bus information from both SBS AND SMRT. What did was to add overlays of local information like block numbers, building names, bus stop locations coupled with bus services and even ERP gantry locations. This made a great product even better and relevant to the locals.”


Fantabulous site

“Unless you have been living under a rock all these time, you would have used at one point or another. It is now a fantabulous site that I keep dear on the Bookmark Bar on my Camino browser".


Pretty darn cool

“They showcased their streetlevel views function to me, which I thought was pretty darn cool. Gothere is the first Singapore street directory site to incorporate such a function. Basically, it allows users to look at a visual snapshot of the roads where they are going, which is a great help if you’re unfamiliar with the place.”


Valuable service

“Local startup provides a valuable service for people who travels, and especially for those who are clueless about places in Singapore. Basically the site gives you fast and accurate instructions to get from Point A to Point B, either by public transport or by car.”

Jimmy Liew

The beacon of light

“ is a site that I am very thankful for. I can say that once I was lost in the dark, looking for directions aimlessly and turns out to be that beacon of light that show me the way. (waa… very dramatic).”

Dexter Damien Chan

It’s fast becoming my favourite directory site for finding my way around.

“You don’t need know postal code of locations, it works with general names like vivocity, bugis etc. The bus only option allows me to make full use of bus concession (though travel times are usually much longer). Bus stops appear on the map and clicking on them shows what buses goes to that bus stop.”

If only we could fly

One extremely f***ing kickass site for those living in Singapore

“It provides the time taken to travel to your destination by public transport/car/taxi, and even gives you a cost estimate for your cab ride or bus/train fare. What the f*** eh? And it’s so awesomely pretty too! Five minutes into browsing and I’m already declaring this my favourite local site.”



“ is amazing. i didnt realise they had 'street images’. and buses which links to bus information.” - @carrielby

“I've gotten a great idea to solve my problem of unavailability of street-directory-and-bus-guide - USE GOTHERE.SG! Easy and fuss-free. :)” - @raaddd

“The new is... the best website ever.” - @garyler

“just helped a stranger to find his way with Once again, tech saves the day!” - @danieltsou

“And props to for shaving significant travel time to my army camp by showing me a shorter route” - @chuyeow

“ooo i like the taxi directions on gothere. calculate everything for you. Nice” - @iintoxicated

“wow that's actually a good site, gracias. - the best Singaporean website I've yet seen.” - @caspero

“ rocks my socks.” - @oyebto

“Simple and brilliant. Web Designers - take note!” - @mysingapore

“ is about the coolest darnest thing for finding directions.” - @papmech

“What will I ever do without I *heart* you!” - @moby74

“O-Hai! Big fan of your you're saving Singapore's lost one soul at a time... literally. ;)” - @brainopera

“Everyone in the office thinks kicks ass.” - @nikipaniki

“call me wols.. but I just found out abt the 'StreetView' function in FTW!!.. Just like Google.. but it's already up.” - @ntt

“Holy shit is coming up with some streetlevel views function” - @mohanbelani